One-on-one Cuddle Therapy is a service for a client to have a cuddle session with the practitioner. This is most beneficial for those who are lacking touch and may even fear it in some way. Even one session has helped many others learn how to create more intimacy and touch in their lives, therefore allowing the therapy to continue for a client’s lifetime.

Conscious Cuddle Spaces can be set up at various social events. A facilitator comes in to your event and sets up a cozy section to relax and lounge on one or several memory foam mattresses lined with pillows. The purpose of this space is to provide a safe, comfortable environment to bring a friend and connect through conversation and cuddling. There is an intention with the space to make sure all boundaries are respected within the event and the cuddle space itself. Comfort, connection, and safety are the key components of the Conscious Cuddle Space.


Cuddle Workshops are held by the founder of Cuddle Therapy, Travis Sigley, and offer an intimate, non-sexual space to learn about, discuss, and explore the world of boundaries, communication, and safety. Workshops are offered for individuals or already existing communities like co-ops or groups of friends that want to take their connection to another level.