One-on-one phone or Skype calls is a service for a client to have a personal session with the coach. This is most beneficial for those who are having particular problems they wish to address. Even one session has helped many others learn how to create more success and growth in their lives. There is even greater benefit for those who have consistent sessions.

Customized Packages that focus directly with your current needs around connection, intimacy, and touch. These packages will be tailored specifically to your needs and availability, no matter where you are or what your schedule is like. You can mix-and-match private one-on-one coaching calls, group calls, and one-on-one in-person sessions if you are a San Francisco local.


Weekly group calls are held by the founder of Cuddle Therapy, Travis Sigley, and business partner, Dana Garrison ( Dana and Travis co-created MettaConnection as a way of helping the larger issue at hand- where it is we hold Connection Blocks. They hold weekly group calls in order to develop a community-supported environment to find breakthroughs in a group environment.