Cuddle Therapy is a service offered to anyone in need of physical touch in a safe, loving, trusted environment.  There is an unfortunate lack of non-sexual intimacy in this world, and Cuddle Therapy’s goal is to shift that dynamic.  Human beings need touch, and the lack of a romantic partner shouldn’t prevent us from receiving such wonderful medicine.

Travis Sigley is the founder of Cuddle Therapy.  He dedicates his life to redefining the idea of intimacy and what it means to be close to someone.  His ideas don’t solely revolve around cuddling and touch.  Conversation, dance, music, teaching, and learning are all examples of how we can feel closer to one another.  In his opinion, cuddling is simply the most healing way of being intimate with someone and truly showing others where their fears and anxieties exist.


The Cuddle Therapy service isn’t just to help and heal through touch, but to educate others on how to create more non-sexual, touch-friendly relationships in their lives.  Through being able to receive more of that intimacy, this basic need for touch is fulfilled and a much happier, bright, fulfilled life is made available to all of those involved.