MettaConnection is an education offered to anyone in need of a transformation in life relating to health, relationships, work, or any other part of life in which Connection plays a role. This can involve personal connections, community, business, or romantic. The purpose of MettaConnection is to create a system that will give you the ability to connect to whatever it is you’re seeking in life.

Travis Sigley is the founder of Cuddle Therapy.  He dedicates his life to redefining the idea of intimacy and what it means to be close to someone.  His ideas don’t solely revolve around cuddling and touch.  Conversation, dance, music, teaching, and learning are all examples of how we can feel closer to one another.  In his opinion, cuddling is simply the most healing way of being intimate with someone and truly showing others where their fears and anxieties exist.


Dana Garrison started her career in ill health living on a neighbor’s futon. Over years of struggling and searching for answers, her journey lead her to Family Entanglement Work and Childhood ReImprinting.Using said work, she was able to resolve her health issues, Money Blocks, and Connection Blocks, and reach 6 figures.Dana is a social psychologist, a Business Consultant, Author, Speaker, and an Entanglement and Imprint Expert.