Cuddle Therapy is one part of a larger movement called MettaConnection. Cuddle Therapy is an in-person, one-on-one intimacy and affection service to provide non-sexual, therapeutic touch and coaching. MettaConnection is international, virtual education that provides weekly calls, one-on-one phone and Skype sessions, and a community who's collaborating on moving past Connection Blocks that hold back growth and development in business, work, relationships, and health.

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"My overall experience [of the workshops] has been very awakening and very nourishing... Each time I've gone has been better than the last time for me and I've found I can drop in easier and connect with people on a deeper level."       -Ray
"Cuddle Therapy has greatly helped me to get increasingly comfortable with the kinds of touch we all need, and has inspired me to live differently. Thank you!"       -Mo